2012 Legislative Report, Week 11

Each day this week the House has as its top priority to vote on House bills, so they can be sent to the Senate for consideration.  Then mid-week the House finally started hearing a lot of Senate bills that had been on third reading a long time.  All of us who were sponsors of Senate [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 10

There have been some long debates on bills, so It is presently estimated that the legislative session will end the last week in March.  In fact bills are still being printed in some House and Senate committees. I did have one couple from Pocatello who brought me information, so I did have an RS introduced [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 9

One budget item that I want to call to your attention is the passage of a two percent pay hike for state workers from the House of Representatives on a 54 – 14 – 2 vote this week, so you can follow House Concurrent Resolution 40 in the Senate now. JFAC (Joint Finance & Appropriations [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 8

I have filed for re-election to run as State Representative District 29-Seat B.  With my seniority as the ranking minority member on all my committees which are House State Affairs, Business, and Environment, Energy & Technology, I have experience in the Legislature and working with all legislators.  I also serve on the Health Care Task [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 7

There are new House pages this week, which means the Legislature is now in the second half of the session.  Normally there are from 10 to 14 pages who are high school seniors who have various assignments to help the legislators and staff.  This year most of the pages have been from the Treasure Valley. [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 6

The video state franchise House bill 539 is on the agenda in the Business Committee for Tuesday, February 21st.  This is a compromise bill of Century Link, Cable One, Association of Idaho Cities, highway districts, and electrical co-ops, so I expect it to receive a do pass recommendation to the House floor.  The City of [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 5

This week the House Business Committee received information packets from the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Finance pertaining to the historic $25 billion state-federal mortgage settlement.  Idaho will receive almost $114 million of which $100 million will be direct relief to Idaho homeowners whose mortgages were foreclosed by Bank of America, JP Morgan [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 4

The Idaho Legislature has just completed our fourth week, which started with the Idaho Chamber Alliance annual luncheon.  The Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce sent many representatives of various businesses, so that day the Bannock legislators had lunch and dinner with all of them.  Some of us also met this week with several students, parents [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 3

In the House Business Committee this week the Idaho Fraud Awareness Coalition gave a presentation.  They have a new web site, so I encourage all citizens to go to this website.  Also, if you know of an organization needing a speaker on fraud, go to this web site to schedule a presenter.  Fraud could [...]

2012 Legislative Report, Week 2

Monday evening of week 2, I attended the Idaho Jobs Coalition, which is comprised of many organizations.  Dr. Stephen Cooke, recently retired U. of  Idaho Economist, was the main speaker.  He stated, “ Idaho’s economy exhibits the symptoms of a self perpetuating low-skill low-wage trap.”  Idaho’s wages are 48th in the nation.  In 2009, Cooke [...]