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Experience & Leadership Working for You

Elaine Smith will continue to work hard to represent your values.

Strengthening our K-12 schools and higher education to prepare Idaho’s workforce for the good paying jobs of the future.

Protecting our young children by enacting minimal safety standards and requiring background checks in child day care centers that are currently unregulated.

Protecting access to Idaho’s public lands, waters, and recreational opportunities, while enhancing our quality of life.

Working for sound tax policy that prioritizes small businesses, middle class families, and Idaho citizens, not big corporations and special interests.

Health Care

“Effective and affordable health care for Idaho families is important for a long lasting quality of life. It has become difficult with Idaho small businesses to provide adequate health care benefits for their employees. I will work to help on these issues in the House Business Committee.”

Open Government

“Our state government needs to be accountable for their actions taken with taxpayers’ dollars. In the State Legislature, the Committees need to be open and transparent for the public’s knowledge. All legislators need to maintain high ethical standards.”


“A strong education system is an essential building block of successful community, economically and socially. All segments of the society will then benefit. Proper funding for schools, kindergarten through post secondary, is needed. Also, teaching, not testing, will make a lasting impact on learning opportunities for our children.”